The three levels of government in Canada, federal, provincial or territorial, and municipal, play key roles in the well-being of all Canadian citizens. The Canadian government is responsible for health care, education, the judicial system, national defense, infrastructure, transportation, and much more. For Canadians to live well, we need a well functioning government.

At Rose Security we are proud to be a part of helping the various levels of government in Canada by providing reliable security services. Since we started in 2003, we have been offering security systems that protect government workers, their buildings, and their assets.


Cities and municipalities have a unique set of security challenges, as does the government at the federal and provincial levels. Here are the issues we have seen:

  • Multiple Buildings to Manage – From city halls, libraries, police stations, public housing, to health care buildings and law courts, governments have a vast range of buildings to manage. Providing consistent but customized security to all the buildings proves to be a significant challenge.
  • Security Threats – Governments are faced with multiple security threats including terrorism, protest groups, and criminals.
  • Protection of Confidential Information – The government stores confidential information on all its citizens. It is a continuing urgent need to keep these records safe.
  • Protecting Public Assets – The government is a steward of properties, buildings, and assets that the public owns, and it is to everyone’s benefit that they are protected from theft, vandalism, and fire.


Frequent changes to your security platform can exhaust valuable resources. At the same time, foregoing improvements to safer and more reliable technologies can end up costing even more – leaving government employees and the general public vulnerable to potential security threats. Our expertise involves anticipating the technology curve for government applications. Rose Security provides governments with reliable protection today and the ability to adopt new features and functionality. Some solutions we offer are:

  • Access Control – An access control system uses a combination of electronic locks and card scanners at access points in your buildings. Your staff are given cards or key fobs that you can pre-program to give access to specific doors at specific times. The benefits of an access control system are simplifying facility management, reducing the cost of lost keys, easy user customization, the ability to give remote access to rooms in your retail location, and custom reports to help investigate vandalism, theft, and suspicious activity.
  • Video Surveillance – Video cameras can be installed in key locations and monitored from a computer or mobile device. It can be integrated with your alarm system and access control system. Video surveillance helps to deter theft and keep employees and the general public safe. It also adds a level of storytelling when vandalism, theft, and suspicious activity happen, so you can prevent future security incidents.
  • Alarm System – An alarm system quickly alerts you and the police to a break-in on vacated buildings or after hours. The system sounds an alarm, scaring away thieves and alerting nearby people that a break-in is happening. When an alarm goes off, you can view real-time information to help you make the best decision.
  • ULC Fire Alarm Monitoring – This provides a higher level of protection against fires in government buildings. Public buildings in Vancouver are required to have ULC Fire Alarm Monitoring. We expect many cities across Canada to follow this trend in the future.
  • Intelligent Key Management – We can install an electronic box that helps to manage physical keys. With this installed in a publicly accessible location, you can give government employees and contractors access to specific keys to rooms or equipment. When finished, they simply return the key to the box. You can give remote access 24/7, saving you the time of going onsite, and keeping the key users accountable.


At Rose Security we here’s to improve the security of government operations.

  • Expertise – Rose Security system consultants and technicians are qualified and prescreened to work in secure government environments. We have expertise in leading security initiatives, as well as experience working as part of a team of consultants, architects and engineers for diverse government applications.
  • Security System that Grows With You – Our government security systems are designs for optimal expandability, allowing your operations to grow and change without outgrowing its security platform.
  • Reliable Customer Service – It’s easy to contact us for help. Whether by email or phone, we always have someone available 24/7.

You can read this case study about our work helping the City of Abbotsford to get a better idea of the security solutions we offer governments.