As a stand-alone feature or part of an integrated security solution, intrusion detection systems (commonly called alarm systems) provide you with a first line of defense against potential trespassers. These systems are used to complement the existing physical protection, providing an additional deterrent to potential intruders by calling attention to their actions and increasing their chances of getting caught.

Intrusion detection systems use door contact, glass break and/or motion based sensors to keep your property secure. Intruders are detected as soon as, or even before, they enter the premise and a signal is sent to the central alarm station where it is acted upon in a manner pre-specified by the customer.

A complete security system begins with a thorough Security Assessment of your premises. This involves evaluating the property and boundary lines, potential entry points, weaknesses, and other areas of concern. An experienced security professional will be able to help uncover potential risks, and identify solutions.

Once the risk assessment is completed and a security system is designed, the installation personnel will install and program the security system according to the design and the needs of the customer.

24/7 monitoring service is available for Rose Security intrusion detection and access control systems. Using both standard telephone and cellular transmission, the alarm monitoring station is notified instantaneously by a signal received from the security system.

Monitoring service is also available for fire alarm and sprinkler systems, freezer/cooler sensors, elevator telephones, carbon monoxide sensors and flood sensors.

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