John Rose knew there was a big problem when his customers continued calling him with their frustrations. He had been working for multi-national security companies as an account manager for 20 years. His first company was bought by another multi-national company. Customer service declined as a result. John switched to another company. That company was bought by another multi-national company. Customer service, which was not good to begin with, got even worse. None of his customers could get anyone to service their security systems. It seemed like no one cared about them.

“Let’s be done with this,” one of John’s customers told him one day. “You start your own security company and we’ll use you.” John had a reputation for taking care of his customers. But at a multi-national security company his hands were tied. Staff and customers alike were just a number in the system.

In 2003 John started Rose Security Services with a vision of providing a high level of customer service and the promise to put people first. After fifteen years in business, Rose Security has grown steadily to serve hundreds of businesses across Western Canada with the reputation of caring well for people. There are customers and staff that have been with Rose Security since day one.

The thing that sets our team apart is our care for people. All our security solutions are designed to empower the people that use them. “People taking care of people.” That’s our motto at Rose Security.