Peace of mind comes from the certainty that you are well protected. You’re looking for a security system to protect your building, your assets, and your people. The right security system provides:

  • A simple way to let the right people in and keep the wrong people out
  • Deterrence, detection, denial, delay, and defense against security threats, and an effective plan B when those threats arise
  • Integration of alarms, access, and video systems into a coordinated whole to allow for easy management
  • Flexibility and scalability to accommodate future growth and change
  • The ability to utilize the security technology to bring additional value to your business (i.e. measure customer traffic)


There’s no point in having a world-class security system if you don’t have the right people to help you install it, train you in using it, answer your questions, and be there promptly to maintain it.

We’ve selected the best people to join our team and provide them with ongoing training to stay proficient on the latest technology. When you work with us, you’ll get to work with:

Security Experts

Our team of technicians are well-trained and experts in installing and servicing security systems. With the ever improving technology options available, we provide you with expertise in selecting the right security systems and discovering better ways of protecting your buildings and people.

A Reliable Team

We deliver on the promises we make to you. If things change on your end, we’re flexible to accommodate. If you have a security issue, you will always find a real person to answer your call and help you. In an industry characterized by takeovers and turnover, we believe the stability offered by our family-owned business helps us to stand out.

People who Care

We believe that the core of a successful business is a genuine care for people. We handpick people with excellent skills and big hearts to join our team. We treat them like family by valuing, caring for, and empowering them. That genuine care and top-tier service is extended to you, our customers.



We create a culture of service within our team by first serving one another. From there we extend excellent service to our customers. Providing excellent service requires an understanding of not only our customers’ needs, but also their future goals. It means that we treat our customers with kindness and respect.


Our goal is to empower our customers to succeed in the important and meaningful work they are doing in the world. We believe our customers feel empowered when they have an understanding of how their security systems work, have the confidence to use all the security features their system offers, and have easy access to our help when needed.

Our mission is also to empower every person on our team to succeed in their work. We are committed to giving our team the training and tools they need to achieve their goals, and then providing them with the freedom and support they need to discover and pursue their vocational aspirations.


We value helping our customers navigate through the ever changing technology options available and select the technology that is the most cost effective, simplest to implement, and will add the most value to their business or organization’s success. This also includes helping our customers discover new and better ways of utilizing their current technology to do more and contribute to the success of their people.