Many businesses and government institutions have turned to video surveillance as an effective means of reducing theft, combating crime and improving productivity. In the financial sector, video surveillance is used extensively to monitor staff and customers.

Rose Security video surveillance systems make use of fixed and moving video cameras to actively monitor and archive areas of the premise. Light sensitive cameras can automatically adjust to changes in lighting conditions to ensure image clarity in a broad range of surveillance settings.

Video cameras are placed at strategic locations throughout the premises, and the signal is monitored and/or recorded at a central location. Either used alone or in conjunction with other forms of security (notably intrusion detection and card access systems), video surveillance adds a further layer of security. IP cameras (Internet protocol cameras) are commonly used for video surveillance because they can send and receive data through a computer network or the internet.

As in other forms of security installations, a security consultant will come to the site and do a full risk evaluation. This includes identifying potential areas of trouble, selecting the proper camera / lens / housing combination, and suggesting placements and methods of monitoring and recording. Finally, your security consultant will put together a system based upon your surveillance needs and budget.


  • Reduce Theft – Criminals are deterred when they see video cameras in visible locations.
  • Apprehend Criminals – Precise imaging is vital for police to apprehend culprits.
  • Improve Productivity and Safety – Monitor employee work habits and safety hazards. Deter harassment.
  • Peace of Mind – Certainty that your building is well protected when you are away.


  • Installation – Set up video surveillance systems for new buildings
  • Upgrading – Replace old Analog CCTV cameras with new IP cameras
  • Repair – Fix video cameras and systems that aren’t working
  • Service – Provide inspections to identify issues when they are easy to fix
  • Integration – Set up your video surveillance to work with your card access system