Retailers provide valuable products that Canadians rely on daily: anything from groceries, meals, and clothing, to furniture, books, and party supplies. It’s important that they have thorough protection of their inventory and buildings.


At Rose Security, an important part of knowing our customers is understanding the unique security challenges of retailers. Here are common security challenges that Canadian retailers face:

  • Inventory shrinkage – Inventory shrinkage happens when your merchandise or stock go missing. In Canada it is reported at 1.04% of annual sales. 43% of inventory shrinkage is from external theft, 33% from internal theft, 20% from paperwork errors, and 4% from vendor fraud.
  • Management of Keys – Retailers need a system to give their employees and contractors the easy access to various rooms and warehouses while keeping others out.
  • Protection of Assets – Retailers need to protect their buildings, inventory, equipment, and sensitive data from theft, vandalism, and fires.
  • Employee Accountability – Retailers employ many full-time and part-time people. It’s necessary to find a system to help employees stay accountable to their responsibilities and minimize the risk of internal theft.
  • Retail Growth and Change – Security systems need to adapt to the needs of a retailer’s growth and change.


The security solutions we design for your retail store take into account your current and future needs, helping you reduce your exposure to risk and contribute positively towards shareholder value. We start with your needs, then custom design, install, and maintain the most reliable, adaptable, and cost effective solution for your business. Here are a security solutions we can offer retailers:

  • Alarm System – An alarm system quickly alerts you and the police to a break-in after hours. The system sounds an alarm, scaring away thieves and alerting nearby people that a break-in is happening. When an alarm goes off, you can view real-time information to help you make the best decision.
  • Access Control – An access control system uses a combination of electronic locks and card scanners at access points in your building. Your staff are given cards or key fobs that you can pre-program to give access to specific doors at specific times. The benefits of an access control system are simplifying facility management, reducing the cost of lost keys, easy user customization, the ability to give remote access to rooms in your retail location, and custom reports to help investigate vandalism, theft, and suspicious activity.
  • Video Surveillance – Video cameras can be installed in key locations like entrances, exits, and cash handling areas, and monitored from a computer or mobile device. It can be integrated with your alarm system and access control system. Video surveillance helps to deter theft and keep employees and customers honest. It also adds a level of storytelling when vandalism, theft, and suspicious activity happen, so you can prevent future security incidents.
  • ULC Fire Alarm Monitoring – This provides a higher level of protection against fires in your retail store. Public buildings in Vancouver are required to have ULC Fire Alarm Monitoring. We expect many cities across Canada to follow this trend in the future.
  • Intelligent Key Management – We can install an electronic box that helps to manage physical keys. With this installed in a publicly accessible location, you can give employees and contractors access to specific keys to rooms or equipment. When finished, they simply return the key to the box. You can give remote access 24/7, saving you the time of going onsite, and keeping the key users accountable.


At Rose Security we here’s to simplify your life and improve your retail operation.

  • One Stop Shop – It often simplifies your life to have one business that handles all your security system needs. We can be that one stop shop for you.
  • Security System that Grows With You – Our retail security systems are designs for optimal expandability, allowing your retail operation to grow and change without outgrowing its security platform.
  • Reliable Customer Service – It’s easy to contact us for help. Whether by email or phone, we always have someone available 24/7.