Rose Security Services performs monitoring of fire alarm systems and operates in full compliance with standards set by ULC (Underwriters Laboratories of Canada) which is approved by National Standards. UL is a global independent safety science company that has been operating for over a century and that is dedicated to innovation in safety for products and people in their living and working environments. ULC regularly revises their standards according to the latest safety knowledge, and those standards are then approved by the Standards Council of Canada.


A Backup Calling Method

Imagine you were in a building and noticed a fire break out. You pick up your cell phone to call 9-1-1, but your cell phone doesn’t have any reception. Wouldn’t it be dangerous if there wasn’t another way for you to alert the fire department? Fire alarm monitoring is like having a person call 9-1-1 (or the building manager) whenever the fire alarm goes off. But there’s only one way to call out. If that phone line doesn’t work, the call isn’t made. ULC fire alarm monitoring makes sure that there is a backup method to call out. If the first method of calling out is a phone line and it doesn’t work, then the backup method (a cell phone or an internet line) is used to make the call.

Also, if one of the methods of calling out stops working, your system alerts the monitoring station so that you can fix it right away. In the case of regular fire alarm monitoring, if your one method of calling out stops working, there is no way to be alerted.

Faster Response Times

Now imagine that you were in a building and noticed a fire break out, called 9-1-1 and this time your cell phone works. Great! But you are put on hold for 3 minutes before you are connected to an operator. 3 minutes can be the difference between a building being saved or destroyed. With regular fire alarm monitoring you have no idea how long it will take before the fire signal is received by the monitoring station – it could be quick, but it could take a few minutes. With ULC, tests are done to ensure that when a fire happens, the signal is received in less than 60 seconds so the fire department can respond right away. On top of that, both methods of communication are used to alert the monitoring station of the fire, making the response time that much faster.

That’s just two ways that ULC Fire Alarm Monitoring makes your building safer. The other differences get very technical – if you’re interested, we’d be happy to explain it to you in more detail.


The new City of Vancouver Bylaw No. 10908 (effective January 2015) state that all new public buildings must have fire alarm systems that transmit trouble signals to a receiving centre that conforms to CAN/ULC-S561 standards.The City of North Vancouver Bylaw No. 8090 (effective Feb 2011) state that all Pre-1992 Multi-Unit Residential Buildings must have a Monitored Fire Alarm System that is “substantially in conformance” to CAN/ULC-S561. With the highest priority for public safety in mind, many major urban centres across BC and Canada have recently upgraded to these standards, and others are in the process of doing so. In order to install, service, and monitor these systems, a security company must be listed with ULC as a certified service provider, which Rose Security is.


In order to become listed, a security company must go through a rigorous certification process (we’re not just saying this – it was a thorough and painstakingly detailed process). We had to install three full systems in sites that were inspected by a ULC inspector. ULC regularly audits its listed service providers to verify that the appropriate level of protection is maintained. ULC also ensures that all of its listed security companies have active certification and investigates any issues that are reported among their listed security companies.

ULC certified alarm systems have a proven record for better response times and fewer false alarms. This translates to more lives saved and more valuables protected. System standards are regularly updated to reflect cutting edge knowledge, best practices, and the highest quality of safety technology available. Rose Security technicians are trained in CAN/ULC-S561 standards, and can install certified alarm systems as well as monitor and maintain those alarms.

Rose Security Services is certified to monitor fire and safety systems in new buildings as well as upgrade existing systems to the most recent standard. The benefits of having a certified alarm system installed extend beyond the peace of mind that comes from having optimum systems in place. ULC certified companies themselves are regularly reviewed and held to maintain outstanding service standards.


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